Test and measure your Developer Experience (DX).

Learn how to improve your documentation and resources with feedback from developers who build on your platform.

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Watch developers code on your platform.

See exactly how developers get started with your documentation,
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Adam Bavosa

11:54 - Getting started with Tesseract.js

Asim Nadeem

15:57 - Getting started with Tesseract.js

Dustin Hoffman

23:37 - Getting started with Tesseract.js

Developer Experience Testing

Haxor applies user experience research methods to the
field of developer experience.

Establish a DX Process

Create a repeatable process for auditing your developer experience. Monitor the health and quality of your DX.

Collect DX Feedback

See exactly how developers work with your APIs, SDKs, and developer products. Use what you learn to improve your developer experience.

Get DX Metrics

Quantify and measure your developer experience by with "Time to Hello World" metrics, surveys, and code changes.

Learn About Your Developer Journey

Explore the developer's point of view and learn where they get stuck. Compare SDKs and languages to find which has the best DX.

Testing exceeded our expectations. It gave us confidence in delivering opportunities for improvement to our clients.

Helen Xu
Head of Operations, Catchy

It’s incredible how many issues and opportunities developer testing found. We will be in much better shape soon.

David Bloom
GM, Sterling Talent Solutions

Developer testing is exactly what we needed. We identified blind spots in our developer sign-up and navigation and were able to make changes immediately.

Mike Stowe
Developer Relations, Ring Central

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