Haxor is looking for developers to give feedback on their experience while they attempt a technical task. This feedback helps companies improve their developer experience, documentation, and resources.

We want to hear about your experience working with a developer product. We’re not looking for a finished product or app.

Developer Focus Groups

We’re looking for developers to record a Paircast while they get started with Secure Code Warrior Sensei. Participants who complete this gig successfully will be rewarded with a $50 Tango Giftcard! It’s pretty easy and should take less than an hour.

Want to learn more? Find the details below or check out some testimonials on our developer page. Last year we paid out more than $5,000 to developers just like you!

Get Started

Join the focus group

If you need any help during your test, join our Discord!

How it works

  1. Fill out the screener survey to see if you qualify. This only takes a second!
  2. The screener will instruct you to download our screen recording software called Paircast.
  3. You’ll choose a “working directory” where you need to do all of your coding work. Paircast will track changes in this directory, and you can see a confirmation in the application during recording.
  4. As you start recording, a prompt will pop up telling you about your task.
  5. Please complete the tasks and speak aloud as you work. We’ll transcribe what you say and use your feedback to improve our products.
  6. When you complete your task, or you reach the time limit, your video will upload and you’ll be instructed to complete a survey.
  7. When you’ve completed the survey, we’ll be notified.
  8. We’ll review your response and email you your gift card!

Must be a resident of the United States. Must be 18 or over to participate. Must publish Paircast to be eligible for reward.