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Testing exceeded our expectations. It gave us confidence in delivering opportunities for improvement to our clients.

Helen Xu
Head of Operations, Catchy

It’s incredible how many issues and opportunities developer testing found. We will be in much better shape soon.

David Bloom
GM, Sterling Talent Solutions

Developer testing is exactly what we needed. We identified blind spots in our developer sign-up and navigation and were able to make changes immediately.

Mike Stowe
Developer Relations, Ring Central

Developer Experience Replays

Watch videos of developers building with your product.

Video bug reports show you where developers encounter problems.
Copy and paste code samples right from the video.

Banner is clickable, but does nothing.


Confused on "Shorthand Identifier for your profile"


Add documentation about revealing auth token earlier.


Developer Experience KPIs

Our Developer Experience Score (DXS) helps you measure developer perception and efficiency.

The Haxor DXS is a "Single Usability Metric" calculated from a variety of metrics we track during testing. We call this the TECH framework.

Developer UX Insight

Learn what to improve from developers themselves.

Identify ways you can improve your DX with the Haxor developer survey. Developer transcripts, open ended questions, and test commentary help you understand what developers really think.

Developer Session Recordings

See what your web analytics can't show you.

Paircast records high resolution video of developers attempting your challenge on their own machines with their own IDE. Video bug reports and code diffs help you remove developer experience friction.

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