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Getting Started

We are looking for developers to give feedback on their experience while they attempt a technical task. This feedback helps companies improve their developer experience, documentation, and resources of API companies.

We’re not looking for a finished product or app, we want to hear about your experience working with a developer product.

  1. You will create a 1-hour screen recording while you attempt a coding challenge. The coding challenge details will be revealed when you start recording.
  2. Narrate your experience as you work. Comment on what you’re doing and what thoughts you have at the moment.
  3. You’ll be given instructions on how to install a Paircast that will record the process of you writing the code. Please make sure it works before starting the screen recording.
  4. If you see an issue, or if there’s anything unclear or frustrating, create a new note in Paircast.
  5. You’ll have a chance to preview, edit, and censor your recording before sending it to us. You do not need to record your camera.

How can we help?