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Developer Screencasts

All tests take place on Paircast, our developer experience platform. Paircast is developer screen recording software that helps us gain deep insight into how developers work.

Check out our homepage for some examples of Haxor Paircast recordings.

The Paircast software records a developer’s screen, microphone, code changes, and open applications while they work. It enables you observe a developer’s journey in detail as they familiarize themselves with your product.

Paircast records every piece of the developer experience including:

  • Desktop video

  • File changes

  • Lines of code added, removed, and modified

  • Foreground application usage

  • Camera Video

  • Microphone Audio

  • Audio transcriptions

You can copy and paste code samples from the recordings, edit the transcripts, and even save video highlights. You also have the ability to search the transcripts for “yourpackage.js” and jump right to the points in the video where the developer interacts with your product.

Find all your recordings, code samples, transcripts, and highlights in Paircast. You may also download test results in CSV format to allow for deeper analysis.

In our Findings and Recommendations report, we aggregate Paircast data to create charts and graphs that describe your developer experience. We can answer questions like:

  • How long does it take for developers to write their first line of code?

  • How long do developers spend in the terminal vs the IDE?

  • How long do developers spend in the browser?

  • What websites and apps do they use before they get started?

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