Consistent developer experience measurement.

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Create repeatable prompts for developers to follow using your own branding.

Join your data with custom surveys. Ask your own questions with the tools you already use.

Get Developer Experience metrics in your dashboard including "Time to Hello World".

Custom Prompts

Create repeatable scenarios that generate high-quality developer feedback.

Welcome Message

Greet the participant and explain the task at a high level.


Shows up as when the developer begins recording. Write your detailed instructions here.

Exit Message

Say goodbye and let the developer know how they'll be rewarded for their time.


Send the developer to a custom survey and send the results back to Haxor.

Also includes...

Everything you need to manage developer feedback at your company.


Share recordings and survey results with your co-workers.


An exclusive dashboard that charts your DX metrics.

CSV Export

Combine our feedback and metrics with your own data.


Get priority support through our HelloWorld portal.