Onboarding Audits

Watch and learn how new developers use your developer documentation, resources, and products. Get more developers on your platform with less support by identifying where developers get stuck.

Simply set up a developer test on Haxor and instruct developers to perform a basic onboarding flow.

Learn more about developer testing. Don't want to recruit developers? We can do it for you.

Content Audits

We all know technology moves fast. Technical content is outdated almost as soon as it's published. Find bugs and out of date content by testing each piece with Haxor. Want to know what doesn't work? Let developers tell you.

Create a new Haxor project for each piece of content and embed the Haxor invite link as a call to action.



Your customers can send you casts so you can help them reach their goals! See exactly how customers tried to use your developer platform, just ask them to record a cast.

Create a Haxor project for each of your developer products. When someone has a problem, just send them an invite to your product and ask them to share their screen in a cast.

Competitive Analysis

How do you compare to your competition? Is it harder or easier to use your API? Measure the difference with Haxor. Just set up two identical tests and let developers have at it.

Create a Haxor project for your own product, then create an identical one for your competitors. Compare the metrics when the results come in!


You throw hackathons to get developer feedback, so why not capture the most of it? Have participants run Haxor on their laptops and learn what they really think about your developer experience.

Set up a single Haxor project for your hackathon and give an extra prize for those who record their session!